Zoey is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from South Korea. 

She loves drawing subjects in a blurred and fuzzy texture, giving a soft and warm feeling to her artwork. Her favorite time of the day is to draw at a very late hour with her cat, Dobby, beside her.

It’s Nice That
Wix Playground


Prints available:
Poster Office - S.Korea
current brown - S.Korea

Father’s Day Redesign: Auction in aid of Campaign Against Living Miserably

[CALM x The Or] 
I was invited to join a campaign to redesign generic Father’s Day card, making it more heart warming and bring positive messaging. 

30+ artists have joined for this campaign and you can bid for the cards starting from £25. All profits were donated to the suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably. 

“I wanted to depict a warm image of children embracing their dad even through his gas release situation. To make it more cute I drew the subjects as a papa bear and baby cubs enjoying their bear hugs. I believe when we truly love someone, we would love their fart too.”

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