Zoey is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from South Korea. 

She loves drawing subjects in a blurred and fuzzy texture, giving a soft and warm feeling to her artwork. Her favorite time of the day is to draw at a very late hour with her cat, Dobby, beside her.

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MSF HOUSE - Pop Up Exhibition

Client : 국경없는의사회 / Médecins Sans Frontières Korea
Illustration & motion design : Zoey Kim
2023년 국경없는의사회 팝업 전시회 <MSF HOUSE>를 위한 애니메이션 작업을 진행했습니다. 국경없는의사회가 생명을 살리기 위해 활동하고 있는 현장을 사진 전시, 다큐멘터리 상영, 구호 활동가 스페셜 토크 등 다양한 이벤트가 진행되었습니다. 

Illustration and motion design works for MSF Korea's pop up exhibition <MSF HOUSE>. <MSF HOUSE> is an exhibition to show the works of Médecins Sans Frontières on saving lives across the borders where medical aid is needed first hand. The exhibition had photos, documentaries, special talk shows with aid workers, and many more.  

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